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Why UI UX Design Is Important and How Can It Affect Your Conversion

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Websites and Apps develop a UI to ensure that users be able to navigate within the portal without facing any glitches or having to need a manual on how to operate the portal. The UI includes screens, pages, buttons and overall visual elements that aid the user’s interactions with a device. Therefore, UI designers plan and create user-friendly software for all types of digital products like websites, applications, and other interactive devices.

UX is essentially the overall user experience because a successful digital product does not solely depend on stunning graphics and interesting content.

A stable UX is dependent on varied factors such as branding, functionality, usability, integration and design - you need to keep users engaged in your product and hence, your product needs to be as simplistic to use as well as enjoyable and it needs to make the users scroll throughout and open new pages.

Why Is There So Much Emphasis on The Importance Of UI/UX?

A UI/UX is extremely vital whether you’re a designer or not as it is the instrument that makes or breaks customer experience especially if you’re someone using a website to interact with your audience, it is the UI/UX that controls the overall experience.

Organised and Straightforward -The Mantra for A Structured UI/UX 

Your UI/UX needs to be organised and as simple as possible if you want to ensure that your audience has a positive experience. When building a UI UX, you don’t want to confuse your audience.

Therefore, it is extremely important to have your menu, text, and images arranged in a fashion that doesn’t look too cluttered and that, people can search for content they want with ease. 

 A messy interface makes it way too frustrating for users because it is incomprehensible not to mention impractical while simultaneously negatively affecting the products’ overall aesthetic which ultimately reflects poorly on your brand.  

Why Do I Need A UI/UX For My Product? 

It cannot be emphasised enough that while it is given that with every venture you’re bound to receive negative feedback, let it not be that one of the major issues that your audience faces is due to the design of your product. For example: Using abstract icons without context for a particular action simply confuses people. Therefore, user interface elements that have a clear meaning.  


Your end-goal is to gain monetarily by increasing your product’s sale and overall consumer engagement. A UI/UX design is that indispensable element that will help you effectively achieve that goal. 

Investing in a good UI/UX ensures not only customer satisfaction but also aids in increasing the number of users for the specific application.  


Besides, for a start-up venture, the UI and UX design is an aspect that becomes even more crucial as the first impression lasts long and using UI and UX designing can make or break the brand recognition. Although there are some major things you need to keep in mind specifically some core components of UX Design, including Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Usability, Wire-framing and Visual Design which result into a solid UX design. 

Each of these elements is crucial and have a key role in the development of a UX design-

  • Information Architecture (IA)  is the designing of the app’s or your website’s information structure as well as ensuring that the users can navigate easily irrespective of the browser/system they are using. 

·Interaction Design deals with the conceptualisation of the interface through means of various forces such as overall aesthetics based on the selection of colours, fonts, icons, images, motions, sounds, space, graphics etc. through which users interact with the product.  

· Usability mainly ensures how user-friendly your product is through monitoring if the users are being able to find the information they want by using your product or by visiting your website and making sure that it is easy to navigate as well as capable to handle errors that may occur within the portal. 


· The creation of a sample of the application to test out its features namely, the look and the usability of the product before it is officially launched to the public is what wireframing is about. 


· Visual design is one of the most important aspects of all the aforementioned ones as it is how your brand will be recognised as and it is what affects users’ to interact more with the product through the overall look of the site/app. Visual Design is not only restricted to selecting the best images, colours etc. but also identifying the appearance of the application which will be recognised by your audience.  

By now you would be aware that UI and UX Design are the main factors affecting the digital product’s overall intractability as well as improving the application’s presentation and usability and therefore it comes as no surprise that it plays an extremely important role in the success of a business through user satisfaction. 


UI and UX development are significant in digital business and it is yours and your UI UX Developers’ responsibility to navigate users surfing your websites or using your applications with efficacy. Data is always collected on a digital product and digital data is analysed as is the case of the UI/UX design wherein each data analysis reveals errors, shows successful components and gives you more insights.  


All in all, UI/UX are aspects that deeply affect your overall venture more so than you can imagine. And designing and investing time in planning an all-inclusive UI/UX will benefit you more than ever as it is a definite way to not only give your digital venture a sleek look in general but it is how you are bound to gain more customers and audiences who will be persuaded to surf your site or view your app resulting into your product’s positive reception which is crucial for your business’ financial growth.

Does UI/UX Affect Conversion in Any Way?

UI/UX has everything to do with conversions-

1. User Experience matters the most in this case and it relies on how useful it is, how usable it is, how desirable it is, how easy to find it is, how accessible it is, how credible it is and how valuable it is. 


2. There are only a few things to keep in mind to have you achieve the previously mentioned factors. You need to be aware of the common aspects about how people view websites, what interests them as well as what puts them off, how to boost readability and come across as credible among other things. 

3. You delve into some “domain knowledge” as you’d need to study as to how to find your audience and what is special about them and how is your target group different from others, try to understand their purpose behind using your product and how they engage with it. 


4. And lastly, try to see things from a user’s perspective as it’ll just help you gain further insights and help you grow your business.  

Some features that help with conversion are-

Providing Call to Action (CTA) buttons within your site. Using colourful buttons with words such as Explore, Start, Discover are sure short ways to ensure consumer engagement.  


You need to be apt in providing precise information in a clean, straightforward manner and using bullet points or arrows especially on a white space will help you achieve just that.  

Optimise your website’s content while reducing HTML & CSS scripts and evaluating plug-ins to improve the speed of the website so that the user doesn’t get frustrated waiting for your site to load.  


Addition of chat boxes is a good way to ensure that your users interact with your site/app more.  


Finally, remember that consistency is the key to ensure that all your content looks uniform, crisp and organised.  

In Conclusion

UI/UX can significantly increase or decrease your engagement rates thus affecting the conversion rates. It is important too, thereby, study what your users need and constantly keep updating and upgrading to their needs. 


It builds up the brand value as well as the comprehensive reputation of your business. UI/UX grab the consumers’ attention through its design which encourages consumers to use the app/site more which generates revenue for your business.

From the confusion that many have about the difference between UX and UI, it’s not a big surprise to see companies hiring one person to fill both shoes. UX designer and UI designer are two completely different roles and one person should not be hired to do both. Responsibilities and requirements for UI designers are always expanding and changing, just like any other technology related job. Visit Here to learn how to Hire a UI Designer.

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