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UX Strategy- The Process and Design

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UX is a complete process of the product. Initiating a UX Design needs a clear strategy to process in planned and required way. UX Design is not just about designing wireframes. It is about building a design while keeping a balance between users and ultimate business goals. UX is a way which companies are using to remain ahead of each other. Ones with better UX will get more exposure and publicity. You will only use services that help you achieve your goal at the right time.

The point to remember is that in order to make any design a success, is when UX strategy has been applied. The key is to first- Define your requirements and clear goals for the strategy. The best way is to start step-by-step which will help save time and energy.


User Research


UX knowledge is a lot of research. User research is the very first step to the ultimate User Experience. Research is a process in understanding about your audience and what impact your design will have on them. Research brings back feedback from your target audience/users about a product. If you do your research well then you will have a complete understanding about your audience and have an easier way to build your design. There are however types of user research one can go through.

-          Generative Research

Generative Research is a more targeted and focused part of research. It has a deeper understanding on wards the user goals and activity. It also comprises of researching about the possible competitors. The UX designer’s task here is to explore the market and get an understanding on what products are already available and evaluate the innovativeness of their proposition.

-          Evaluative Research

Evaluative research is to test your existing data to see if it is user friendly and able to meet the user expectations. This type of research should be conducted throughout the development life cycle, from first step of design to the final product design. Evaluative design is essential as it helps analysing the current data and build the new product over it. It gives scope for improvement and rectify the previous errors.

 User Research is considered as a very important part of any UX Design. If neglected, it can cause a major dis-advantage to the product.


Asking the Right Questions


Between the process of building the design there are few questions which you need answered. There are questions you need to ask yourself as a UX Designer and few other to be asked from whom you have received the project.

1.       What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

2.      Who are the users or customers?

3.      What are the users trying to do?

4.      How can we reach users through this design process?

5.      What value does it bring?

6.      What is the problem or need we are aiming to solve?


User Profiles and Personas


User personas in UX design are effective guides to determine the path to follow while developing every product. The most important step in any UX Design is to understand your audience. To initiate it, you are going to need to build a user persona. It shows as a representation of your future upcoming users based on your research and existing data of your audience.

Things to be mark when working on the user persona-

  • Context with which one uses a feature

  • Age. It’s at best three different users. Very young children, very old people, and everyone else.

  • The model expected of your user.

  • Accessibility

For a basic look, these persona posters are can be used as an example : DesignLab | Persona Posters



Activities consist of tasks and actions you have assigned to yourself. Essential activities in the process of designing a UX Design is to keep an eye for the latest UI trends and other guidelines. Nobody wants an outdated design and therefore as a UX Designer you are bound to be in touch with every trend and design in the UX and UI world.

-          Research on similar approaches of the product.

-          Keep familiarising yourself with latest trends.

-          UX guidelines

-          Research about the competitors and their approach.

-          Generate ideas for design


Material Dashboard UI



You have now reached the part and ready to create and decide on how each page of the site to look.

While creating the design, one should never loose their focus from the flow built for the users. For example- If a website has various categories and varieties to present for their audience. Then the website needs to be presented in a way in which the audience can access and go through all the categories with ease and not end up getting confused. Also, have a clean design in the end. Organized is always better.




User testing is to find and analyse the behaviour of the users towards the product. Testing is called as the most important part as it is the result day for all the product you have been working on.

User opinion matters the most. Therefore, a designer must always have a set of, questions to be answered list before-hand. User opinion can give you the most needed feedback also get you a new perspective on the design. Inviting the whole team to a user testing to observe how the user responds to the product can also be a great idea and is practiced by several designers.

Learning how to influence an idea through appropriate and effective design and strategy becomes an invaluable skill in UX. It is more the overall experience, including defining functionality, architecture and flows based upon user research and user testing. UX concentrates more on the users and the targeted audience of the product.


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