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Minimalist Design to Maximise User Interaction

Minimalist Design to Maximise User Interaction

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Design is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to website development. In-addition with every sector of design, web design keeps evolving with current trends. Recently, one of the trends that are in vogue is the concept of minimal design. Minimalist designs are clean and elegant. While there are many pros to this there are cons as well.

Minimalist designs remove unnecessary tabs, menus, or other content that doesn’t support the user’s needs or goals.

This is what generally what a minimalist website is composed of:

  • Negative space: The idea to use empty spaces so that a user’s focus remains on solely the content displayed on it.

  • Large images: While some minimal sites are blank pages with text, others opt to bring life to space with a vivid photo related to the service or product.

  • Contrast: Using muted colours such as black, white, and grey, along with a bold colour, generally orange or red.

  • Bold typography: To keep the user’s focus on the content, the words become the artistic element.  

  • Symmetry: Designers will create balance or symmetry with the words and images or go for an asymmetrical look to draw the eye.

Let’s look at the PROS of having a minimalist design for your website-

Building A Customer Base:

Businesses generally adopt a minimalist design with a view of turning users into customers.

Easy Navigation: 

With the exclusion of unnecessary tools, your website is more organised. And the use of white space and large photos forces the eye to focus on the content visible against it. A user isn’t overwhelmed by choices. Instead, they have just a few options, making navigation simple.

Faster Loading Time: 

Because of a de-cluttered design, the time it takes to load invariably becomes less. This is a huge pro as generally, people do not like to wait for a long time to use a site.

SEO Friendly:

Minimalist design is easy for search engine bots to decipher as there is not a lot of unnecessary information stored in code. This kind of design is also a good strategy to boost SEO ratings.

Less Problematic: 

A minimalistic website requires minimal maintenance as it is less likely to glitch in comparison to a website that is loaded with complex applications and plugins.

Aesthetically Accurate: 

Because it is a minimal design, chances are that it wouldn’t look out of trend or outdated as you wouldn’t be relying on trending elements or styles and would instead just have sharp images and typography to convey your content.

Make A Statement:

You could state that less is more in this kind of website design. Visitors will remember your design without effort because it makes such a powerful statement.

As with any case, a minimalist approach to web design comes with its own negative aspects as well.

Here are a few CONS to keep in mind when you decide to go in for this approach-

Communication Confusion: 

In the quest to be aesthetic, just having a few words and images on the screen to promote a complex product may not be enough and may even come across as misleading due to a lack of communication.

Blank Stare:

Is what you’ll get from visitors who will be staring at what would look like a black screen in front of them.

If your website design is well planned, this shouldn’t be a problem. But there is a risk of taking minimalism too far. The site may appear unfinished.

Lack of Creativity:

Even if you have a creative mind, it may be hard to convince a user of your ideas if they can’t see it on the screen.

If your site appears empty due to the lack of interactive device’s it may be perceived as boring by the user.

Slow Growth: 

As your company grows, so will the demand for content. This is when you may find issues with the design of your site if it isn’t well planned.

Should you go for a minimalist design for your website? 

The answer to this question comes down to you. Ideally, if you’re a business company or a media house, you may want to skip or work around the minimalist approach keeping in mind how it would fit with your content.

However, if you’re a photographer or a musician, it could be a good way to showcase your work in an aesthetically appealing way as possible. In the end, it all comes down to a precision in planning. You need to have a good game plan when it comes to designing your website, especially in a minimalist way.

You must keep in mind, your end user all the time. Will your customer appreciate the bare necessities, finding it easy to navigate? Or will your non-creative user shy away from what looks to them like something is missing?

In conclusion, it is all up to your vision of how you want your site to represent your company.
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