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3 Tips to get leads using Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

3 Tips to get leads using Digital Marketing for Free

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Digital Marketing is not just a buzzword, it means a wholly more than that. With the internet being the biggest metaphorical “brain”, reaching the right audience and enticing them will get your business leads.

From the age of radio announcers advertising to the now Facebook and Google Ads marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time. Today, that means you need to meet them where they are already spending time: on the internet.

Getting straight to the point- Essential points to follow in Digital Marketing:

1.     Focus on People, Not the Product - Rarely did we hear Steve Jobs talking about the various features of Apple products. Standing on stage, he didn’t push the speed of the iPhone’s processor or the screen resolution.

He knows most people don’t care, and the ones who do can easily find that information on Apple’s website or product literature.

Key point to take away from this is to find your target audience and where they are on the internet and pitch to them – Why they should use your product or service. Not how much better your product of service is than the competition.

2.     Constant Content Creation – The Three C’s in Digital Marketing.


Content Creation and sharing is the best way to build a lead channel for free on the internet today.


Posting Blogs, Photos, Videos on multiple social media platforms can be used not only to spread brand awareness but also build reputation and relevance around the brand.


Amazing Workplaces, one of our esteemed clients had 0 users till August 2018 and today has more than 500 very targeted users daily. Its user base has successfully grown 500 times in a year with users from all over the globe. All             because they had a constant content creation strategy in place to entice and engage with their audience.


3.     Create A Community – Engage with your audience is a must for all businesses, the cheapest way to do it is Online. Use Social Media Portals like Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram to spread awareness about your new products/offers and simultaneously engage with potential leads. This will not only help you to get leads but also help you to get to know your audience better.



Bonus Tip

Wanted to give you guys one more pointer that may help you increase your lead gen is –

Distribute A Free Demos

Yes, everyone loves free things. Distributing free Demos will not only help you get more data on your audience but can also convert quite a lot of demo users to subscribed users.


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